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Lucky draw giveaways on Twitter

Giveaways are a great way to drive engagement on Twitter and make your customers/followers feel involved. WrapBox lets you create quick and simple lucky draws with configurable participation rules.

Configure rules such as

  • Must like a tweet
  • Must retweet a tweet
  • Must reply with a hashtag
  • Must follow
Create new Lucky Draw Giveaway on Twitter

Interactive Giveaway Links

Trust is important while building an audience. With WrapBox, users can now verify their eligiblity and also check the list of winners once drawn.

Public giveaway page

For NFT project owners and community managers

Create your very own on-chain scavenger hunt

We've got you a new and exciting way to engage your communities. Keep your holders excited and involved for longer periods of time by sending them on a quest to hunt for your giveaway prizes.

Stash your giveaway NFT

Create a new burner wallet and send your giveaway NFT to it

Seed phrase clues

Create a new Scavenger Hunt in WrapBox and provide visual & textual clues to each word of the seed phrase periodically or at one shot

Restrict Access

Setup a secret code to restrict access to the giveaway page if you want only your holders to participate. You may keep changing this code at any point of time

'Well, What you can do with this is only limited by your imagination. Go wild !'
Creating a scavenger hunt
Public scavenger hunt


It's practically free

*All features are free while WrapBox is in Beta.


  • 2 lucky draws

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  • Unlimited Lucky Draws

  • 1 Scavenger Hunt (Public Access)

  • Guaranteed listing in Featured Page

  • Public Profile

  • More Features (Coming soon)


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Free until Beta
  • All features on Influencer Plan

  • Unlimited Scavenger Hunts

  • Private giveaways

  • More Features (Coming soon)

Frequently asked questions

What is WrapBox?
WrapBox is a simple & affordable marketing tool for influencers & businesses who believe in giving back to the community.
Why do I need WrapBox when I can just tweet about it?
We wanna answer this question with a few questions on our own. Would you have a super cool branding page for all your giveaways? Could you pick 25 valid winners in 2 seconds? Would your followers know if the draw was legit? Would your giveaway be listed on a site where people come to join new giveaways?
How do Lucky Draws work?
Create a new giveaway with the necessary participation rules in WrapBox. Once you submit, you'll be provided with a unique link hosting your giveaway. You can share this link in your social channels. Tell us the number of winners you wanna pick and we'll give you a fair draw.
How do Scavenger Hunts work?
We'll be running a scavenger hunt of our own soon. You can check that out or you can always reach us at @WrapBoxHQ.
How's it different from other giveaway tools?
For starters, it has exactly what you need and much more. Twitter lucky draws work exactly as configured and all eligible accounts will be considered for the draw instead of last 100 likers/retweeters. Also it's more affordable than other overpriced products.
What's the pricing situation?
WrapBox is completely free until we are in beta. Even after beta our Basic plan will always be free.

Repeat after usLet's give back to the community.